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I'm Marcelo Chelo Del Valle

Chelotiki Llc is a company focused on providing options, solutions and management tools to food companies such as Bars of all kinds not only tiki or tropical but also classic or European style and also to Restaurants, Clubs, Banquet houses and other food businesses which want to improve their quality and productivity.

Standardizing its processes by strengthening knowledge in the food area, providing support and training to employees and business owners, providing management tools in order to stay within profitability and expected parameters.
We have an integrality with our services since in the market there are different professionals (Chefs, Food Engineers, internal quality auditors, architects, accountants … pos systems) that supply specific and limited needs and do not fully cover the needs of a food business.
It brought together all these professionals to develop services and management tools, putting these pieces together and creating packages tailored to the needs of this type of establishment, delivering proven management tools, along with complete support and providing our clients with an efficient service, comprehensive, proven and cheaper.


How we work?

We start from the kitchen design taking into account a series of variables such as the type of food to prepare, production capacity, equipment needs, materials, location depending on the process flow, regulations.
Assembly of menus or menus depending on the profile of the restaurant, Training of personnel in the assembly of the different preparations.
Assembling cost sheets of all preparations in order to know in real time the cost and gross margin of each preparation.
Standard recipes so that the preparations always come out with the same quality regardless of who prepares them.
Assembly of processes such as purchases, receipt of merchandise, storage of raw materials, inventories and personnel management, all processes are delivered fully documented with their respective monitoring formats, each with their respective instructions.
Manuals of functions by charge and sanitation plan are delivered.
We provide support from the beginning of the process or from the establishment to the assembly of all processes.
Training all operational and administrative personnel in the assembly of all processes and in the use of management tools.
We also have both face-to-face and virtual packages.
We have different packages tailored to the needs of your establishment

Consulting for restaurants

Make your investment profitable
Reduce the risks of closing your business and losing money in the future
Assembly of menus or menus according to the image of the restaurant
Know in real time the costs of each of your dishes for decision making
Have a more efficient kitchen design adapted to the needs of your establishment
Standardization of the processes involved such as: standardization of recipes, purchases, receipt of goods, storage of raw materials and inventories.
Delivery of management tools such as cost sheets, standard recipes, follow-up formats with their respective instructions, function manuals and sanitation plan, which will help you manage your restaurant more easily and efficiently
Knowledge of the regulations and thus avoid future inconveniences
Having trained personnel according to the needs of your business
Professional support throughout the process
Decrease the learning curve
30 years of experience in food management will be at your service
More than 35 establishments advised between new and established

Gastronomic Advisor

It does not matter what stage your business is in, if you are going to open a Restaurant or already have one established and / or positioned in the market. We help you and adjust an ideal solution according to the needs of each establishment.

Collection of letters or menus
Cost analysis
Raw material storage
Product development
Supplier management.
Raw materials inventory.
Kitchen design and adjustments
Purchase management.
Raw materials receipt
Delivery of management tools